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B&C Transit Inc. corporate office is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. B&C Transit Inc. headquarters is in Oakland on the California coast. B&C Transit Inc. employs approximately 90 personnel composed of executives, project managers, engineers, technicians, consultants and support staff. B&C Transit Inc. has additional offices in Sacramento, Los Angeles, Rhode Island, Maryland and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Engineering Human Solutions

B&C Transit Inc. has excelled in serving the public transit sector for over 25 years in automated train control design, technical engineering, system installations, field testing, networked and stand-alone control, office monitoring systems, station communications, and design-build engineering. With representatives throughout the U.S., and with systems becoming increasingly more complex, you can be sure that our experience, expertise and highly respected reputation will provide for robust transit solutions regardless of size or location.

B&C Transit Inc. has excelled in past and current projects based on close cooperation and flexibility with the hosts of personnel involved in each of its transit endeavors. Whether your requirement is for micro-processor or relay based train control systems, reconfiguration and alignment of control facilities, or assistance with new technology, B&C Transit Inc. should be your first choice.


B&C Transit Inc. is dedicated to meeting or exceeding all requirements and expectations while maintaining cost-effectiveness.  With our broad knowledge and experience of labor, supplies, project management and engineering, we ensure your transit project design, schedule and control.  B&C Transit Inc. knows how the obstacles of working conditions, lead times, scheduling conflicts and engineering changes affect the project. We have the industry insight and valuable knowledge that can help minimize project delays and cost overruns. B&C Transit Inc. is customer-focused, solution-minded, and performance-driven. We are committed from start to finish to make your transit solution work.


Our unmatched safety record is a result of our improved designs, engineering, maintenance and rigorous safety protocols and procedures.