LOS ANGELES LACMTA Metro Blue Line Pedestrian Crossing (2013)

orking with JL Patterson, B&C Transit Inc. is providing engineering and design services for the installation of a new Pedestrian Grade Crossing Warning System (PGCWS) at 27 grade crossing locations along the existing LACMTA Metro Blue Line.

B&C Transit’s scope of the PGCWS project includes the provision of construction documents for the installation and testing of new pedestrian gates (some locations include grade crossing flasher assemblies and signage). Several intersections required that existing pedestrian gates be relocated, resulting in new conduit runs and upgrades to existing case equipment. Activation of pedestrian grade crossing warning devices will be initiated by existing vehicle entrance gate circuits, while new equipment is required to meet the environmental provisions of the AREMA ATCS environmental specifications and Metro Design Criteria.
B&C Transit is responsible for the Train Control and Communications (TC&C) systems, and other services.