SF MUNI Muni 3rd Street (2005)

Installation of over 21 miles of fiber optic cabling for the new 3rd street extension. Complete SONET, CCTV, RISS, Emergency telephone in 18 stations so that all services are monitored and controlled from new Muni Maintenance Facility.

Chervon Technology Center (2005)

Design/build installation of Cat 6 cabling, communications room build-out and single mode fiber optic cabling throughout 28 building campus. Upgrade of campus 10BaseT shared Gigabit Ethernet. Facility is the only Petroleum research facility in the Western hemisphere. Project requires team to install network around live petroleum experiments where safety is the only concern.

SAC RT Switch Control (2005)

Provide programming change to 3 on-site VHLC processors to send switch, gate, and signal indications to the IT servers in the Sacramento Light Light control center. Interface these functions into the new GPS tracking system so operators can remotely control switches at those locations and monitor the status of switches, gates, and signals.

WMATA AVI Locator Project (2005)

Automatic Car Identification (ACI) – provide design, installation and testing for 50 RF scanners at 23 locations throughout the metro system. Twenty of these locations will utilize wireless radio communications to relay data from the wayside back to OCC (operations control center). The other 3 locations will be hardwired. The collected data will be used to track vehicles along the system which ultimately result in mileage calculations to be used by maintenance and OCC.

MARTA Avondale & Amour Yards (2005)

B&C Transit is designing, furnishing, and installing a computer based control center for both yards. Systems consist of 4 UNIX redundant hot failover servers, 13 workstations and printers, 8 LCD overview monitors,  and 8 video servers over T1 and fiber optic LAN.