The B&C Transit Inc. project engineer handling a project will promptly look-over the project documents and specifications upon receipt to determine if anything new or unusual is involved. Informal questions or comments will be discussed directly with the cognizant customer engineer and then noted in the project records. An essential function of this initial review is to determine whether or not all necessary information is available to properly estimate or proceed with the work.

Customer Relations

It is expected that the customer will gather and forward to B&C Transit Inc. data from third parties such as other railroads, regulatory agencies, contractors, etc where needed in connection with a specific job. Verbal and written communications between the customer will generally be handled by the B&C Transit Inc. project engineer except when it is necessary for the engineer(s) to directly communicate with the appropriate customer representative. Note that the overall responsibility for the correct and timely completion of the project remains vested with the B&C Transit Inc. project engineer.


The B&C Transit Inc. project engineer will prepare estimates of engineering cost using agreed-upon norms for labor, materials, overhead, etc. for all change orders and additional work. In the event that an accurate estimate cannot be prepared with the information at hand, the B&C Transit Inc. project manager will promptly advise the customer’s engineer as to the reasons why and what alternatives, if any, might be considered.

Typical and Standards

To the greatest extent possible, designs will be based on templates derived from customer typicals and other applicable standards. The project engineer working with the assistance of the design team will develop these templates. New or revised templates will be submitted to the customer for review.

Likewise, the customer will promptly advise B&C of approved, desired or anticipated changes in their standards.


Design work will commence once the notice to proceed has been received from the customer in accordance with an agreed-upon set of priorities and deliverables schedules. Emergencies will be handled at the project engineers discretion. Experienced persons under the direct supervision of the B&C project engineer will perform design work not performed by the project engineer. Routine questions developed during the course of design work will first be referred to the project engineer before they are presented to the customer.

The designer will consider all aspects of the system including power consumption and distribution.