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B&C Transit Inc. corporate office is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. B&C Transit Inc. headquarters is in Oakland on the California coast. B&C Transit Inc. employs approximately 90 personnel composed of executives, project managers, engineers, technicians, consultants and support staff. B&C Transit Inc. has additional offices in Sacramento, Los Angeles, Rhode Island, Maryland and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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B&C Transit Inc. has excelled in serving the public transit sector for over 25 years in automated train control design, technical engineering, system installations, field testing, networked and stand-alone control, office monitoring systems, station communications, and design-build engineering. With representatives throughout the U.S., and with systems becoming increasingly more complex, you can be sure that our experience, expertise and highly respected reputation will provide for robust transit solutions regardless of size or location.

B&C Transit Inc. has excelled in past and current projects based on close cooperation and flexibility with the hosts of personnel involved in each of its transit endeavors. Whether your requirement is for micro-processor or relay based train control systems, reconfiguration and alignment of control facilities, or assistance with new technology, B&C Transit Inc. should be your first choice.


B&C Transit Inc. is dedicated to meeting or exceeding all requirements and expectations while maintaining cost-effectiveness.  With our broad knowledge and experience of labor, supplies, project management and engineering, we ensure your transit project design, schedule and control.  B&C Transit Inc. knows how the obstacles of working conditions, lead times, scheduling conflicts and engineering changes affect the project. We have the industry insight and valuable knowledge that can help minimize project delays and cost overruns. B&C Transit Inc. is customer-focused, solution-minded, and performance-driven. We are committed from start to finish to make your transit solution work.


Our unmatched safety record is a result of our improved designs, engineering, maintenance and rigorous safety protocols and procedures.

Part of the Alstom Family

On March 1, 2021, B&C Transit became a wholly owned subsidiary of Alstom.

The acquisition of B&C Transit supports Alstom’s growth ambition for digital mobility and the combined companies’ resources, advanced technology products and engineering capabilities support customers’ operations and technological visions. Bringing together Alstom and B&C Transit means transit agencies and customer operations across the United States and Canada will benefit from innovative signaling solutions through expanded systems engineering and wayside capabilities, accelerating the delivery of more efficient, reliable, safe and sustainable mobility.

About Alstom

Leading societies to a low carbon future, Alstom develops and markets mobility solutions that provide the sustainable foundations for the future of transportation. Alstom’s products portfolio ranges from high-speed trains, metros, monorail, trams and e-buses to integrated systems, customized services, infrastructure, signaling and digital mobility solutions.

Alstom is a mobility technology leader in the U.S., with a history dating back more than 160 years, steeped in its experience building and repairing rail cars and locomotives, and supplying signaling solutions for America’s great cities and agencies, such as New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., New Jersey Transit, Caltrans, and Amtrak, as well as America’s freight railroads.

Headquartered in France, Alstom is present in 70 countries and employs 75,000 people.

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Our Portfolio

2018 SAN FRANCISCO SFMTA Stations, Surface Track and Systems Project

The Stations, Surface Track and Systems Project comprise Phase 2 of the overall Third St. Light Rail Transit Project. This endeavor will provide rail service and serve regional destinations such as Union Square, Moscone Convention Center, Yerba Buena, and AT&T Park, as well as connect directly to BART and Caltrain, the Bay Area’s two largest regional commuter rail services.  The project includes a Twin Bore Tunnel alignment of approximately 1.7 miles, plus a short surface segment to connect to Fourth and King Station, the current terminal station for the Third Street Line.  It has three underground stations; Moscone Station, Union Square/Market St. Station, and Chinatown Station; and one surface station: Fourth and Brannan Station.B&C Transit Inc. is responsible for the providing engineering services to advance the preliminary engineering design prepared by others to final design and prepare Contract Documents for the Surface, Track and Systems Contract.  The scope of work includes the surface segment, tunnel segment and system-wide communication elements.  Work on the surface segment includes construction of the surface station, utility relocation, pavement renovation and traffic signals.  In the tunnel segment, contract scope includes track invert and drainage and walkway.  System-wide elements of work for both surface and tunnel segments include trackwork; mechanical systems including plumbing, fire protection, and emergency ventilation; communications systems including Fiber Backbone Network, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Fire Telephones, Emergency Telephones, Mayor’s Emergency Telephone, CCTV, and Radio; electrical lighting and power; overhead contact system and associated parallel feeders; Advanced Train Control System (ATCS) for the subway; and surface signaling. All of the new systems will be integrated into the new Transportation Management Center (TMC), which B&C Transit Inc. also played a major role in the design and implementation of.

Furthermore, B&C Transit Inc. is also responsible for program integration to ensure that designs performed by the multidisciplinary engineers and architects under the program result in a fully integrated and operational project.  Duties include preparation of an integration matrix to identify interface points between work covered under the various construction contracts; monitoring progress of interface coordination between designers to ensure that design requirements are conveyed and understood; and finally, coordinating sign-off by discipline designers to verify that appropriate design requirements are incorporated into the Contract Documents.

2014 MIAMI MDT Metro Rail Control Upgrade

As the Prime Contractor for MDT’s Metrorail Control Center Upgrade Design Build Project, B&C Transit Inc. has embarked upon the modernization of the existing Central Control Facility. The MRCC modernization project will include the renovation of the existing Central Control Facility, an adjacent office space, upgrading and replacing the HVAC on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors, the Power Distribution Units, the Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Electrical Systems, and replacement of existing systems hardware and software.

B&C Transit Inc. will provide an updated control system for the MRCC upgrade project. The control system will integrate hardware components and software applications to provide MDT with the capability to monitor and control the Orange and Green line transit systems from the central control facility. The upgrade will incorporate a state-of-the-art integrated audio/visual display system that will allow workstations and video screen walls to be configurable for a variety of functions.
The new Control Center will include a centrally managed platform to support communications equipment, including Facility SCADA, Motive Power SCADA, the public address system, platform displays, and other
key components used by supervisors to manage operations and other safety systems. The work provided by B&C Transit Inc. provided customized open software and associated hardware, for the Control Center to integrate data from MDT systems so that data could be displayed for MDT staff on a customizable interface.

Metro Blue Line
Pedestrian Crossing

Working with JL Patterson, B&C Transit Inc. is providing engineering and design services for the installation of a new Pedestrian Grade Crossing Warning System (PGCWS) at 27 grade crossing locations along the existing LACMTA Metro Blue Line.B&C Transit’s scope of the PGCWS project includes the provision of construction documents for the installation and testing of new pedestrian gates (some locations include grade crossing flasher assemblies and signage). Several intersections required that existing pedestrian gates be relocated, resulting in new conduit runs and upgrades to existing case equipment. Activation of pedestrian grade crossing warning devices will be initiated by existing vehicle entrance gate circuits, while new equipment is required to meet the environmental provisions of the AREMA ATCS environmental specifications and Metro Design Criteria.
B&C Transit is responsible for the Train Control and Communications (TC&C) systems, and other services.

2014 SAN FRANCISCO SFMTA Transportation Management Center

As the Prime and Systems Engineer for the SFMTA’s C3 program, B&C Transit in a joint venture effort with HNTB provided a program-wide integration and systems control methodology for the design and construction of its new Transportation Management Center (TMC).The new TMC will replace the San Francisco Municipal Railroad’s (MUNI’s) outdated Operations Control Center (OCC) as its primary control center and will combine all of SFMTA’s control functions which are currently dispersed across the city with a new state-of-the-art facility.  A key design requirement included the ongoing use and functionality of the existing OCC, which will be maintained as a backup and redundant facility to the TMC.

The new TMC will also incorporate the new Central Subway Project, which includes a 1.7 mile extension of the subway system from AT&T ballpark into the Financial District and Chinatown, currently one of the heaviest traveled bus passenger routes in the city. Because B&C Transit was also part of the design team responsible for preparing the Contract construction documents for the various communication systems for the Central Subway project our team was intimately familiar with the needs and requirements for its integration into the new TMC facility.

An integral part of the preliminary engineering work for the new TMC included an Implementation Plan, which B&C Transit prepared to include migration/phasing and cutover plans that emphasized minimal disruption to current transit revenue operations. B&C Transit also oversaw the review of the business processes that further optimized the organizational functions at the new TMC.  The preliminary engineering phase also incorporated architectural, ergonomic, and industrial designs.

The new TMC also includes a new state-of-the-art integrated audio/visual system that will allow workstations and video screen walls to be configurable for various functions.  The TMC will include a secure area that will have controlled access and firewall separating functions that maintain security and ease of operations. Interoperability initiatives, including ITS Standards, have also been incorporated.

The new Central Subway extension and the TMC will also incorporate an Advanced Train Control System (ATCS) that will be compatible with the existing Thales ATCS.  The ATCS will be upgraded with a new System Management Center that will incorporate the open architecture, IP-based interfaces with other systems.

2010 SAN FRANCISCO SFMTA Integrated Systems

Along with the implementation of a new TMC, many of the existing communication systems in the current Control Center and existing Metro subway are being upgraded or replaced. The Metro Subway includes nine underground passenger stations. B&C Transit Inc. is responsible for design deliverables for the replacement systems which include:
• Fiber Broadband Network for connecting existing underground infrastructure in stations and equipment rooms to both the existing OCC and the new TMC.
• Facility and Power SCADA Systems
• Public Address and Platform Display systems
As part of the preliminary engineering work, B&C Transit Inc. prepared an inventory of existing systems and a Conceptual Engineering Report (CER) which emphasized minimal disruption to current operations. The CER was reviewed and signed off by the various Operations and Maintenance Departments as well as SFMTA Management to indicate concurrence with design concepts and scope.
B&C Transit Inc. then advanced the design to 100% and prepared a complete contract package for bidding purposes for the Replacement System contract. The project has since been bid and awarded and is in the early stages of construction. B&C Transit Inc. is currently providing Construction Management and other support services for the project during this phase of the work.

2010 SAN FRANCISCO SFMTA Bluelight Replacement

The Bluelight Emergency Telephone Replacement (BLT) project scope includes the design for the complete replacement of the existing Muni Metro Subway emergency Bluelight telephone system within the stations, in the Metro Subway and Sunset Tunnels, and at other integral facilities, with a new state-of-the-art system.
B&C Transit Inc. is also providing Contract Documents for the installation of new conduit, wireways, wiring, other appurtenances and new emergency Bluelight phone boxes (cabinets), standalone Bluelight fixtures, and other related equipment. In addition, the new system will be integrated with the new Transportation Management Center (TMC) and the existing Lenox Operations Control Center (OCC), making it a fully integrated and comprehensive real-time emergency system for the entire SFMTA network.

2010 MIAMI-DADE COUNTY MIC connector

The Miami Intermodal Center (MIC)-Earlington Heights Connector is a 2.4-mile, elevated extension of the Miami-Dade Transit (MDT) Metrorail system, from the existing Earlington Heights Station to the new MIC adjacent to Miami International Airport. The project includes a multilevel station at the MIC. For this $260 million Design-Build contract, B&C Transit Inc. has designed an upgrade to the Operations Control Center (OCC). The work, at six major locations, involves systems including CCTV, public address, VMS, telephone, access control, BLS, intrusion detection, SCADA, central software, LAN, and fiber optics.


B&C Transit Inc. worked closely with Sacaramento Regional Transit staff on the development and implementation of a four-monitor control system which idenify and indicate all RTD trains on the system map. The GPS location of latitude and longitude is then sent to an SQL database, which the application reads once per second and then adjusts the train locations on the map per the boundaries of each defined area. Operators are able to assign various tracking flags to each train as they travel along the line for identification purposes.In addition to GPS tracking, real time communication was provided to VHLC processors for actual occupancy and switch states. The system contains interfaces for assigning rail cars to trains while assigning crews to those trains along with search features that allowed operators to highlight and quickly spot trains anywhere on the line.


This Design-Build contract involves a 9.2-mile light rail extension of LACMTA’s Metro Blue Line (MBL). The project includes at-grade, aerial, and trench alignment with eight new passenger stations. B & C Transit Inc. is responsible for the Train Control and Communications (TC&C) system.
B & C transit Inc. is responsible for design, procurement, assembly, and testing of the communications systems for the eight passenger stations and the interface to the central control facility. B & C Transit Inc. is to provide a fully integrated and compatible communications system with equipment to be furnished at wayside facilities, installed in the trench, at stations, in Communications and Signals buildings/rooms, in traction power substations, at the radio bungalow, and at the rail Operations Control Center. Major communications system components include a SONET cable transmission, public address, variable message sign, CCTV, telephone, voice radio, fire detection and suppression monitoring, intrusion detection, Emergency management panels, seismic detection, and SCADA systems.

09/2008 NORFOLK Light Rail

B&C Transit Inc. provided the Design – Build contruction documents for the Central Control System (OCC) for the Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) in Norfolk, VA. This system provides control and monitoring of the entire TIDE line, currently in active service in Norfolk. The system provides train control, traction power control, and extensive alarm monitoring of various systems including UPS, Fire, intrusion, TVM, Fiber switches. HRT is a new Light rail system from Newtown Road to Norfolk State University (NSU). The project included at-grade, aerial, and trench alignment with new passenger stations, new yard, and parking structures. The initial $338 million segment, operated by the regional transit agency, HRT, is 7.4 miles, has 11 stops and is currently located only within Norfolk’s city limits.

2008 LOS ANGELES LACMTA City/Exposition Corridor

This Design-Build contract is comprised of the 9.2-mile light rail extension of LACMTA’s Metro Blue Line (MBL). The project includes at-grade, aerial, and trench alignment with eight new passenger stations.
B&C Transit Inc. was responsible for design, procurement, assembly, and testing of the train control system which consists of safety critical block design and equipment required for safe vehicle operation on the new line and modifications of the existing MBL. B&C is providing all train control room equipment including vital and nonvital processors plus wayside signaling, track circuits, and grade crossing equipment for the new light rail line. Software, including vital application logic was programmed by B&C Transit Inc.
B&C Transit Inc. was also responsible for design, procurement, assembly, and testing of the communications systems for the eight passenger stations and the interface to the central control facility. B&C Transit Inc. is providing a fully integrated and compatible communications system with equipment to be furnished at wayside facilities. Major communications system components include a SONET cable transmission, public address, variable message signs, CCTV, telephone, voice radio, fire detection and suppression monitoring, intrusion detection, seismic detection, and SCADA systems along with interfaces at the existing Rail Operations Control Center.
In addition B&C Transit Inc. provided design, procure, and implement of the emergency management panels (EMPs) at aerial passenger stations and at the trench portals. As a systems integrator, B&C Transit’s responsibilities included integration of the TC&C systems.

11/2009 SAC RT DNA-Green Line

In phase I of the new line  B&C Transit Inc. will design for future SCADA capability for the Traction Power Substations and Wayside Train Control Equipment. B&C Transit Inc. will also design and build the train control system and communications systems at the station platforms.  The project should be completed in early 2011.

STAP Project

B&C Transit Inc. is providing installation, testing and commissioning of new non-vital microprocessor equipment (VPI) for non-vital: station stop, and door-dwell control. This equipment is replacing obsolete non-vital relays for station control functions.

2006 WMATA 28V Power Supply

B&C Transit Inc. designed and fabricated 325 new 28 volt 60Amp and 135 28V 2Amp regulated power supplies. These are new technology, high efficiency switching power supplies designed to replace existing 28 volt supplies.

2009 WMATA Mini Loop Project

B&C Transit Inc. is providing installation of new mini D loops for 83 interlocking track circuits. The D loop is and upgrade for the existing two foot loop.
San Diego Sprinter Project
B&C Transit Inc. designed, furnished, and tested all signal, crossing and communications systems for the new 22.5 mile Sprinter project from Oceanside to Escondido. The project includes Central office System, 15 passenger stations, over 45 grade crossings and tie-ins to existing freight and commuter rail facilities. Beyond track and signal engineering, this project includes paging, intercom, Visual messaging, backbone network equipment, communication cabinets, emergency telephones, CCTV, and security systems.
05/2006 SAC RT Train Consist Enhancement Modifications to GPS tracking system for development of train consist interface and tracking by both trains and individual rail cars.
3rd Street Extension
Design, furnish, startup and test wayside cases to control light rail vehicles along the 3rd street extension. Furnish and install all communications equipment for 18 passenger platforms including head-end interface equipment.
12/2006 VTA Warm Springs Project Warm Springs to San Jose Extension project. B&C is providing design services for the VTA/BART extension for ATC and communications.
Blue Orange Line
B&C provided all field personnel required to commission Blue-Orange line for Alstom signaling.
10/2005 ARINC RTU Project Los Angeles MTA. B&C is currently designing and manufacturing 25 remote terminal units that will replace existing out of date units.
06/2005 SF MUNI Muni 3rd Street Installation of over 21 miles of fiber optic cabling for the new 3rd street extension. Complete SONET, CCTV, RISS, Emergency telephone in 18 stations so that all services are monitored and controlled from new Muni Maintenance Facility.
04/2005 SF MUNI Drawbridge Project Design, furnish, startup, and test wayside cases to control freight rail, light rail and drawbridge.
3rd Street Extension Addition
Design, furnish, startup and test wayside cases to control light rail vehicles along the 3rd street extension. Furnish and install all communications equipment for 18 passenger platforms including head-end interface equipment.
03/2005 Chevron Technology Center Design/build installation of Cat 6 cabling, communications room build-out and single mode fiber optic cabling throughout 28 building campus. Upgrade of campus 10BaseT shared Gigabit Ethernet. Facility is the only Petroleum research facility in the Western hemisphere. Project requires team to install network around live petroleum experiments where safety is the only concern.
03/2005 SAC RT Switch Control Provide programming change to 3 on-site VHLC processors to send switch, gate, and signal indications to the IT servers in the Sacramento Light Light control center. Interface these functions into the new GPS tracking system so operators can remotely control switches at those locations and monitor the status of switches, gates, and signals.
03/2005 Schools Project Installation of Fire alarm, clock speaker, voice and data, Fiber Optics, and security systems for a number of Northern California school districts.
02/2005 VTA Tamien Project Tamien to Lick Double Track Project. Provide all modifications to existing control points, startup and test new control point locations and furnish wayside equipment for CalTrain/UPRR.
02/2005 WMATA AVI Locator Project Automatic Car Identification (ACI) – provide design, installation and testing for 50 RF scanners at 23 locations throughout the metro system. Twenty of these locations will utilize wireless radio communications to relay data from the wayside back to OCC (operations control center). The other 3 locations will be hardwired. The collected data will be used to track vehicles along the system which ultimately result in mileage calculations to be used by maintenance and OCC.
12/2004 Cleveland Electric AC Track Circuit Replacement MARTA- B&C is responsible for design and procurement of equipment for replacing AC track circuits. B&C is also responsible for modifications of existing TC rooms, field testing and cutovers.
12/2004 WMATA Ground Detector Replacement B&C is currently designing and installing new AC & DC ground detectors to replace outdated ground detectors.
03/2004 SF MUNI Wayside cases Design, furnish, startup, and test wayside cases to control freight rail, light rail and drawbridge.
03/2004 SF PORT Authority Cantilever Drawbridge Design, furnish, startup, and test wayside cases to control freight trains and new Cantilver drawbridge over the Islais Channel for the Port of San Francisco.
ON GOING US&SNYCTA ATS Project B&C Transit provided all personnel to supervise installation, conduct field surveys, make all field design modifications, and perform all commissioning for Union Switch & Signal, Inc.
06/2005 MARTA Avondale & Amour Yards B&C Transit is designing, furnishing, and installing a computer based control center for both yards. Systems consist of 4 UNIX redundant hot failover servers, 13 workstations and printers, 8 LCD overview monitors,  and 8 video servers over T1 and fiber optic LAN.
9/2004 SAC RT GPS Tracking Completed a 5 monitor stand alone system with graphical representations of the entire Sacramento Light Rail system. The system retrieves GPS latitude, Longitude, Direction, and Speed of rail cars and maps them on the track displays as they move throughout the transit line. This system integrates with a Microsoft SQL database residing on the IT servers.
05/2003 BART SORS Sequential Occupancy Detection System. B&C Transit completed office systems for 24 locations to detect occupancies from MUX inputs and shadow trains with pseudo occupancy (rear end protection) using dynamic logic within redundant system servers at each TCR location. SORS computers integrate with Allen-Bradley PLC’s and send all information to the Central mainframes at BART Central via BARTNET (Ethernet IP) for display on on all BART graphical mainline systems.
12/2002 BART Airport Extension San Francisco Airport Extension Project: B&C Transit provided all personnel required to manage the overall systems integration for Amelco Electric, Inc. as well as integration of a new Bombardier Gealoc systems into an existing Alstom VPI system. B&C also provided the design and software for 6 fully controllable remote access terminals for the ATC system.
12/2002 BART Daly City Yard Daly City Yard Lead Modification Project. B&C Transit provided all design (new and modifications), documentation, project management, and field-testing required to make all modification required to the Daly City Yard.
07/2002 BART Hayward Yard Hayward Yard Track Improvements. B&C Transit provided all design (new and modifications), documentation, project management, and field-testing required to the Hayward Yard.
06/2001 BART Concord yard Expansion B&C Transit provide all design, documentation, project management, and field-testing required to the Concord Yard.
08/2001 US&SNYCTA 63rd Street Rehab Project B&C Transit provided all personnel to supervise installation, conduct field surveys, make all field design modifications, and perform all commissioning testing for US&S Inc.
12/2003 US&SDART Expansion Project B&C Developed a conversion tool to allow Boolean expressions to be converted to Ladder Logic graphics and vice-versa for Union Switch & Signal vital and non-vital processors.
12/2000 US&SMARTA Extension B&C provided all engineering services (design and commissioning) for the modifications to the Alstom vital and non-vital processors.
11/2000 ALSTOM WMATA F-Line Extension B&C provided all field personnel required to commission the WMATA F-Line for Alstom Signaling.
12/1999 ALSTOM Taipei Blue Line B&C provided all field personnel required to commission the Taipei Blue Line for Alstom Signaling.
06/1999 ALSTOM NYCTA Seabeach Line B&C provided all field personnel required to commission the Seabeach Line for Alstom Signaling.
12/1998 BART DPX & CPX B&C provided a resident engineer required to commission BART’s DPX and CPX extensions for Alstom Signaling Los Ang

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B&C Transit develops a complete range of rail-related equipment from battery chargers to power supplies.  Our Trilogy Products brand parts are of the highest quality and made in the USA.

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For additional information, or quotes for your project, please contact Rick Shovel at rshovel@bnctransit.com or (301)524-9408.

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B&C Transit Inc. is a service oriented company. We generally provide design/build engineering for all phases of the transit industry that are usually defined by specification requirements or by on-call servicing. But we also consult with our clients based on our experience to provide the highest level systems and designs currently in our industry to assist in meeting specific needs. Our services range from complex to simple, and we are intimately familiar with all new and legacy systems involved within the transit industry.

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