SAC RT GPS Tracking (2004)

Completed a 5 monitor stand alone system with graphical representations of the entire Sacramento Light Rail system. The system retrieves GPS latitude, Longitude, Direction, and Speed of rail cars and maps them on the track displays as they move throughout the transit line. This system integrates with a Microsoft SQL database residing on the IT servers.

BART SORS (2003)

Sequential Occupancy Detection System. B&C Transit completed office systems for 24 locations to detect occupancies from MUX inputs and shadow trains with pseudo occupancy (rear end protection) using dynamic logic within redundant system servers at each TCR location. SORS computers integrate with Allen-Bradley PLC’s and send all information to the Central mainframes at BART Central via BARTNET (Ethernet IP) for display on on all BART graphical mainline systems.

BART Airport Extension (2002)

San Francisco Airport Extension Project: B&C Transit provided all personnel required to manage the overall systems integration for Amelco Electric, Inc. as well as integration of a new Bombardier Gealoc systems into an existing Alstom VPI system. B&C also provided the design and software for 6 fully controllable remote access terminals for the ATC system.

BART Daly City Yard (2002)

Daly City Yard Lead Modification Project. B&C Transit provided all design (new and modifications), documentation, project management, and field-testing required to make all modification required to the Daly City Yard.