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Our focus


The signal division is the core company business and has been servicing national and international commuter railways since the company’s inception. B&C Transit Inc. employs expert engineers and technicians knowledgeable in all aspects of the train industry.


B&C Transit Inc. communications engineers provide installation and management services that include but not limited to: Fiber Optics, Voice and Data Installation, CATV, MATV, CCTV, Access Control, Sonet, Ethernet Networks, Paging, Intercom, Fire Alarm, SCADA, and Visual Messaging.

Vital Processor Programming

B&C Transit Inc. has highly qualified engineers with extensive experience in vital and non-vital processor installation and programming. We are intimately familiar with VPI, Microlok, VHLC, ElectrologIXS and other major industry standard train control processors and industry PLC’s.

Office Systems

B&C Transit Inc. software systems range from large centralized network control centers with redundant servers, relational databases, networking and overall OCC system designs, to localized control systems such as soft panel LCP’s for train control, local HMI’s for traction power sub-stations, Yard control systems, SCADA PLC programming, and custom software engineering.


To the greatest extent possible, designs will be based on templates derived from customer typicals and other applicable standards. The project engineer working with the assistance of the design team will develop these templates.


B&C Transit Inc. manufactures Power Supplies, Battery Chargers and Data Acquisition products. B&C Transit Inc also manufactures products prototyped and tested by other companies.


B&C Transit Inc. has built a reputation of having the finest testing/installation supervision group in the industry. Our engineers have successfully commissioned systems for a number of highly visible and influential clients in the railway industry.

About Us

We are committed from start to finish to make your transit solution work.

B&C Transit Inc. has excelled in serving the public transit sector for over 25 years in automated train control design, technical engineering, system installations, field testing, networked and stand-alone control, office monitoring systems, station communications, and design-build engineering. With representatives throughout the U.S., and with systems becoming increasingly more complex, you can be sure that our experience, expertise and highly respected reputation will provide for robust transit solutions regardless of size or location. B&C Transit Inc. is dedicated to meeting or exceeding all requirements and expectations while maintaining cost-effectiveness. With our broad knowledge and experience of labor, supplies, project management and engineering, we ensure your transit project design, schedule and control. We have the industry insight and valuable knowledge that can help minimize project delays and cost overruns.

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