SAN FRANCISCO SFMTA Bluelight Replacement (2010)

The Bluelight Emergency Telephone Replacement (BLT) project scope includes the design for the complete replacement of the existing Muni Metro Subway emergency Bluelight telephone system within the stations, in the Metro Subway and Sunset Tunnels, and at other integral facilities, with a new state-of-the-art system.
B&C Transit Inc. is also providing Contract Documents for the installation of new conduit, wireways, wiring, other appurtenances and new emergency Bluelight phone boxes (cabinets), standalone Bluelight fixtures, and other related equipment. In addition, the new system will be integrated with the new Transportation Management Center (TMC) and the existing Lenox Operations Control Center (OCC), making it a fully integrated and comprehensive real-time emergency system for the entire SFMTA network.