SAN FRANCISCO SFMTA Integrated Systems (2010)

Along with the implementation of a new TMC, many of the existing communication systems in the current Control Center and existing Metro subway are being upgraded or replaced. The Metro Subway includes nine underground passenger stations. B&C Transit Inc. is responsible for design deliverables for the replacement systems which include:
• Fiber Broadband Network for connecting existing underground infrastructure in stations and equipment rooms to both the existing OCC and the new TMC.
• Facility and Power SCADA Systems
• Public Address and Platform Display systems
As part of the preliminary engineering work, B&C Transit Inc. prepared an inventory of existing systems and a Conceptual Engineering Report (CER) which emphasized minimal disruption to current operations. The CER was reviewed and signed off by the various Operations and Maintenance Departments as well as SFMTA Management to indicate concurrence with design concepts and scope.
B&C Transit Inc. then advanced the design to 100% and prepared a complete contract package for bidding purposes for the Replacement System contract. The project has since been bid and awarded and is in the early stages of construction. B&C Transit Inc. is currently providing Construction Management and other support services for the project during this phase of the work.