MIAMI MDT Metro Rail Control Upgrade (2014)

As the Prime Contractor for MDT’s Metrorail Control Center Upgrade Design Build Project, B&C Transit Inc. has embarked upon the modernization of the existing Central Control Facility. The MRCC modernization project will include the renovation of the existing Central Control Facility, an adjacent office space, upgrading and replacing the HVAC on the 3rd, 4th, and[…]

SAN FRANCISCO SFMTA Transportation Management Center (2014)

As the Prime and Systems Engineer for the SFMTA’s C3 program, B&C Transit in a joint venture effort with HNTB provided a program-wide integration and systems control methodology for the design and construction of its new Transportation Management Center (TMC). The new TMC will replace the San Francisco Municipal Railroad’s (MUNI’s) outdated Operations Control Center[…]

LOS ANGELES LACMTA Metro Blue Line Pedestrian Crossing (2013)

orking with JL Patterson, B&C Transit Inc. is providing engineering and design services for the installation of a new Pedestrian Grade Crossing Warning System (PGCWS) at 27 grade crossing locations along the existing LACMTA Metro Blue Line. B&C Transit’s scope of the PGCWS project includes the provision of construction documents for the installation and testing[…]

SAN FRANCISCO SFMTA Integrated Systems (2010)

Along with the implementation of a new TMC, many of the existing communication systems in the current Control Center and existing Metro subway are being upgraded or replaced. The Metro Subway includes nine underground passenger stations. B&C Transit Inc. is responsible for design deliverables for the replacement systems which include: • Fiber Broadband Network for[…]

SAN FRANCISCO SFMTA Bluelight Replacement (2010)

The Bluelight Emergency Telephone Replacement (BLT) project scope includes the design for the complete replacement of the existing Muni Metro Subway emergency Bluelight telephone system within the stations, in the Metro Subway and Sunset Tunnels, and at other integral facilities, with a new state-of-the-art system. B&C Transit Inc. is also providing Contract Documents for the[…]

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY MIC connector (2010)

The Miami Intermodal Center (MIC)-Earlington Heights Connector is a 2.4-mile, elevated extension of the Miami-Dade Transit (MDT) Metrorail system, from the existing Earlington Heights Station to the new MIC adjacent to Miami International Airport. The project includes a multilevel station at the MIC. For this $260 million Design-Build contract, B&C Transit Inc. has designed an[…]

SACRAMENTO RDT GPS Tracking (2009)

B&C Transit Inc. worked closely with Sacaramento Regional Transit staff on the development and implementation of a four-monitor control system which idenify and indicate all RTD trains on the system map. The GPS location of latitude and longitude is then sent to an SQL database, which the application reads once per second and then adjusts[…]

LOS ANGELES COUNTY MBL extension (2009)

This Design-Build contract involves a 9.2-mile light rail extension of LACMTA’s Metro Blue Line (MBL). The project includes at-grade, aerial, and trench alignment with eight new passenger stations. B & C Transit Inc. is responsible for the Train Control and Communications (TC&C) system. B & C transit Inc. is responsible for design, procurement, assembly, and[…]

SAC RT DNA-Green Line (2009)

In phase I of the new line  B&C Transit Inc. will design for future SCADA capability for the Traction Power Substations and Wayside Train Control Equipment. B&C Transit Inc. will also design and build the train control system and communications systems at the station platforms.  The project should be completed in early 2011.

NORFOLK Light Rail (2008)

B&C Transit Inc. provided the Design – Build contruction documents for the Central Control System (OCC) for the Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) in Norfolk, VA. This system provides control and monitoring of the entire TIDE line, currently in active service in Norfolk. The system provides train control, traction power control, and extensive alarm monitoring of[…]

LOS ANGELES LACMTA City/Exposition Corridor (2008)

This Design-Build contract is comprised of the 9.2-mile light rail extension of LACMTA’s Metro Blue Line (MBL). The project includes at-grade, aerial, and trench alignment with eight new passenger stations. B&C Transit Inc. was responsible for design, procurement, assembly, and testing of the train control system which consists of safety critical block design and equipment[…]

WMATA STAP Project (2008)

B&C Transit Inc. is providing installation, testing and commissioning of new non-vital microprocessor equipment (VPI) for non-vital: station stop, and door-dwell control. This equipment is replacing obsolete non-vital relays for station control functions.

NCTD San Diego Sprinter Project (2007)

B&C Transit Inc. designed, furnished, and tested all signal, crossing and communications systems for the new 22.5 mile Sprinter project from Oceanside to Escondido. The project includes Central office System, 15 passenger stations, over 45 grade crossings and tie-ins to existing freight and commuter rail facilities. Beyond track and signal engineering, this project includes paging,[…]